Share this new video & make sure every child counts

May 2019

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By Whitney Tucker

The population most likely to be left out of the Census count in 2020 is also the one with the most to lose: Young children and their families. Young children of color are even more likely not to be counted.

NC Child made this short video to help you and your members get the word out to the families you work with every day.

Whether you work with teachers, social workers, pastors, pediatricians, or coaches, you have an important role to play. Families depend on these folks for important information to support their child’s development and well-being. We can help make sure every child is counted, when these trusted messengers encourage families to fill out the Census form.

Please share this video with your members and clients. $16 Billion in federal funding for the programs we all depend on is on the line.

Whitney Tucker is NC Child’s Research Director, and serves on the NC Complete Count Commission


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