10 Questions (and an Infographic): Child and Family Day Edition

April 2013

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Tomorrow is Child and Family Day at the North Carolina General Assembly!

Here are a few FAQs to help you get ready.

1.  What time should I arrive?

The event is scheduled from 10:00 AM until noon. Come early if you’d like to beat the heat, participate in Mom’s Rising’s life-size action game of Chutes and Ladders, or visit your legislators. We’ll have a rally at 11:00 AM.

If you stand for youth justice, and would like to join us, at 1:30 PM Representative Marilyn Avila will host a press conference to discuss raising the age of juvenile court jurisdiction (HB 725) in the General Assembly Press Room (Legislative Building).

2.  Where do I park?

Here’s a link to a map displaying the Halifax Mall area and adjacent parking: http://www.ncleg.net/graphics/downtownmap.pdf.

  • Public parking is available in three visitor’s lots at $1 per hour (or $8 per day) cash or credit card only. 
  • Metered street parking is also available along Jones Street at the average rate of $1 per hour.
  • Bus parking is available just past the General Assembly (16 W. Jones Street). 

3.  The Halifax Mall? So, is that in Raleigh?

Yes, the Halifax Mall is located between the Legislative building and the Legislative Office building.

4.  Can I bring children?

Yes, this is a child-friendly event! We’ll have lemonade and a live-action, educational, game of Chutes & Ladders that highlights the importance of investing in children.  If you’re interested in making a day of it, the Halifax Mall is conveniently located near the N.C. Children’s Museum and several local eateries/restaurants.

5.  Will I be able to speak with my legislator? 

We encourage you to visit http://www.ncleg.net/representation/WhoRepresentsMe.aspx to figure out who represents you in the N.C. House and Senate. Call their offices and make appointments for April 17. They will be glad to hear from you–be sure to let them know that you’re a constituent! If you’re unfamiliar with the layout of the Legislative and Legislative Office building, don’t fret: we’ll have volunteers on-site to help point you in the right direction. Just look for someone wearing a blue Action for Children lanyard that says “Volunteer.”

Wednesday will be a busy day at the Legislature, and even with an appointment your legislator may be away from his or her office. Make sure to leave information (factsheet, palm card, talking points, etc.) behind in the event that you miss your legislator to let them know you visited in support of children’s issues. 

6.  What do I say to my legislator?

Remember your legislators are people too and they want to hear from their constituents  about critical issues. Don’t be intimidated to chat with your legislator. Do be courteous, respectful and listen—just as you would when speaking with anyone else.

Click here for a fact sheet and infographic to help you talk to your legislator about the importance of prioritizing children in their budget and legislative decisions. We’ve also put together a few Advocacy 101 Tips to help you prepare for the event.

7. What do I wear? 

This is an outdoor event, so wear comfortable shoes and clothing. If you plan to speak with your legislator, we encourage you to dress nicely; although there is no need to dress fancy.

8. Who is sponsoring Child and Family Day?

Click here for a complete list of our Child and Family Day partners.

9. Can I see an event overview?

Sure! Click here.

10. I have a question that I do not see listed here, who should I call?

  • For media inquiries contact Rob Thompson from the Covenant with North Carolina’s Children at