EarlyWell Priorities Spotlight: Reach Out and Read

The EarlyWell Coalition is focused on policy priorities that strengthen mental health support for infants, toddlers, young children, and families in North Carolina. One of EarlyWell’s priorities is to increase funding for Reach Out and Read, a program that promotes early childhood literacy in pediatric care settings.
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By: Emily Blevins | July 2024

The Children’s Alliance of Mecklenburg County: “Sometimes the ‘system’ doesn’t work like it should. Let’s advocate for a better one.”

Regardless of how a child might enter the Juvenile Justice System, we must be honest and acknowledge that our "system," does not always work the way it should. The system was designed to respond to kids who make mistakes and provide them with rehabilitative and therapeutic interventions. The system itself often fails to recognize the inherent potential for children to change.
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June 2024

NC YMCAs Launch Work to Support Teen Mental Health

Through a $3.75 million grant awarded by North Carolina legislators to the Alliance, North Carolina YMCAs are committed to addressing the critical needs of teens by identifying mental health challenges, providing resources and connections to mental health providers, and fostering supportive communities that understand mental health is part of our overall health.
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By: Emily Blevins | May 2024