Healthy Children

Healthy children perform better in school and in life.

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We can achieve huge victories for North Carolina kids. Here are some campaigns you can join today.

Bring health care to all North Carolina's parents & caregivers

Make NC Lead Free

Kids need to have reliable health coverage, preventive health care, a medical home, and specialized services when necessary. These low-cost investments in childhood set kids up for a lifetime of good health.

Thanks to decades of hard work, the rate of children in NC with no health coverage has been going down steadily. However, progress has stalled. In 2017 and 2018, North Carolina saw a sudden increase in uninsured children, for the first time in many years. Children from lower-income families, and children of color are most likely to have no health coverage.

North Carolina also has one of the highest rates of infant mortality in the nation. While this tragic statistic has been slowly improving, we have a long way to go. Black mothers and infants are still at double the risk of death. We can save lives and close this unacceptable gap. One important step is to ensure that every parent and caregiver can get affordable health coverage and preventive care. Healthy women are much more likely to have healthy pregnancies, and babies who thrive.

Oral Health

Tooth decay is the number one childhood chronic disease in the US. 

Access to Health Care

Children, parents, and caregivers need to have reliable health coverage, regular preventive health care, a medical home, and specialized services when necessary.

Environmental Health

Children’s healthy development depends on growing up free from exposure to toxic pollution.

Mental Health

Children’s mental health is strongly tied to their ability to learn in school, maintain healthy relationships with their family and peers, and succeed later in life. 

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