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Here are ways you can get involved and create a better future for NC children:

Become an EarlyWell Family Leader

EarlyWell Family Leaders play a pivotal role within the EarlyWell Coalition, serving as the authentic voice of parents and families in shaping advocacy and driving impactful actions to promote the socioeconomic health of young children. With a deep commitment to advocating for the well-being of children and families, EarlyWell Family Leaders actively participate in discussions, providing valuable insights, perspectives, and experiences that inform the coalition’s initiatives.

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Join the Parent Advisory Council

The PAC is continuously seeking proactive, dedicated individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the healthcare landscape of North Carolina. If you are a parent or caregiver whose child benefits from Medicaid, and you are interested in advocating for children’s health rights, consider joining the PAC. Your involvement can help ensure that our children’s health and well-being remain at the forefront of policy discussions and decisions.

Make a gift

By making a gift to NC Child today, you can keep creating a better future for children and families in North Carolina. Together, we are making a difference for kids!

NC Health Care Storyteller Advocacy Toolkit

This toolkit outlines best practices for storytelling and tips for organizations who are interested in helping elevate the lived experiences of the people and the communities they serve.

Let’s make sure every student gets to eat at school

In North Carolina, 1 in 6 children struggles with hunger. School meals make a big difference!

a blond woman hugs a girl with light brown hair

Take action now for children’s mental health

Ask legislators to make sure kids have the support they need in school.

Little kids across NC deserve the chance at great Early Education

Child care subsidy rates are key to making early education available and affordable.

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Your donation puts NC Child’s strategies and tools to work for children and families across the state. 

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