Medicaid eligibility determinations are back! Here’s what to know and where to go for help

You are not alone.

By: Kaylan Szafranski | May 2023

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If you use Medicaid for your health insurance, you should be on the lookout for notices from NC DHHS and your local DSS offices this spring. Beginning April 1, states are required to start determining Medicaid member eligibility for the first time since the spring of 2020.

NC DHHS may mail, call, text, or email you with information about your eligibility, including any paperwork they may need to help determine if you or your family members are still eligible for Medicaid.

You are not alone

The recently launched is here to help answer questions about NC Medicaid services, including eligibility determination. NCMedHelp is a collaboration of three nonprofits – The Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy, Pisgah Legal Services, and Legal Aid of North Carolina. The project is generously funded by Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust. connects people to professionals who can help:

  • Answer questions about Medicaid coverage and services
  • Update contact information with DSS
  • Find legal services when participants are “not approved,” or your Medicaid coverage is terminated or reduced
  • Find out if you qualify for a policy

Take action

Make sure your contact information is correct and up to date by contacting your local DSS office.

Log on to to understand what you need for Medicaid eligibility determinations and get connected to expert help if you need further assistance.