Making an impact for kids

Thank you for making this work possible

By: Ileana Rodriguez | May 2022

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Today NC Child released our 2021 Impact Report.

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The last two years have been incredibly challenging ones – especially for the children and families we serve.  At NC Child, we’ve steered through the pandemic by doubling down on our mission: to create a better future for children and families by advancing public policies that give every child a fair shot in life, whatever their race, ethnicity, or zip code.  

As a result, we have some real successes to celebrate. From post-partum health care, to getting lead out of young children’s drinking water, to fighting for relief funds for local communities, in 2021 we made a real difference for kids together. Read more here. 

Through it all, we rely on you to keep us grounded in what children truly need. Together we are working every day to create a better, more equitable future for children and families in North Carolina. Thank you for making this work possible.