Three reasons to spread the word about the Child Tax Credit before November 15th

...and three ways you can do so right now

By: Julia Beebe | October 2022

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There are just six weeks until simplified filing through closes. This online portal allows families to easily claim the 2021 expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) on their own by November 15th. Want to learn more? Join us for a webinar on October 13th by registering here. If you miss the webinar, the recording will be posted here after the training.  

Three reasons to help spread the word about the CTC before November 15th

  1. Simplified filing makes it easy for families with no or low incomes to claim the 2021 CTC (and potentially other money!). is mobile-friendly, available in English and Spanish, and designed for individuals to get through it quickly without assistance. The website also has chat support available. Individuals can continue to claim the 2021 expanded CTC until April 2025, but after closes on November 15th, they will need to file full tax returns to do so. Many filers may find it challenging to get through the longer, more complicated process of filing full tax returns in order to claim the money to which they are entitled.
  2. In October, Code for America will launch an Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) pilot through This means that in the final weeks of simplified filing, eligible families will be able to claim not only the CTC and third stimulus payment through, but also the federal EITC.
  3. People need this money now. Recent reports and Census data demonstrate how the CTC reduced poverty and helped families cover the costs of basic needs, like food, child care, and more. As noted above, families who do not file by November 15th can still claim this money through full tax filing. In early 2023, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) sites will reopen and can help people file their tax returns. Many families however, could use these funds now as they navigate back-to-school costs and anticipate the holiday season. By pointing families to before November 15th, you can help families get this money as soon as possible.  

Three ways to help spread the word about the CTC before November 15th

  1. Send out text messages, emails, robocalls and/or flyers to families you work with using resources like those on our outreach website here. Message templates and flyers are available in 11 languages. Stay tuned for the release of updated materials that you can share with families in the final weeks before closes. They will be posted on our website in early October. 
  2. Integrate announcements and resources about claiming the CTC through in upcoming virtual or in-person events and meetings with families. These events may include school open houses, client meetings, and community trainings, among others. You do not have to be a tax expert to point families to and to share the above-mentioned resources with families. 
  3. Encourage school districts and state or local agencies to send text messages, emails, robocalls and/or flyers (printed or digital) to families. If you have a contact at a school district or agency that you want to invite to help spread the word about the CTC, please let us know! We can provide a template email and customized outreach materials. Please email Julia Beebe, Coalition on Human Needs: 

 Julia Beebe is Child Tax Credit Outreach Coordinator with the Coalition on Human Needs and Partnership for America’s Children.