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Sharing inspiring stories from our partners

By: Ileana Rodriguez | December 2020

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“Using the Child Advocacy Network to make that connection with your legislators is super helpful. I never would have considered myself an advocate, I’ve always kind of leaned away from advocacy. Now I’ve realized, ‘of course, I’m an advocate.’ I’m speaking for children every day.” – Shawna Daniels, Carrboro, NC.

When we work together to advocate for kids, amazing things can happen – even in these uncertain times. It’s critical that we speak, act, vote, and give like our children’s futures depend on it, because they do. As we look ahead to 2021, we continue to celebrate the impact we’re having for kids and are grateful for our partners like you who helped us achieve all our accomplishments in 2020.

Last week, we hosted a Facebook Live event highlighting the many ways NC Child staff and partners made their voices heard this year to positively impact North Carolina’s childrendespite a year full of challenges. You can watch the full 30-minute program here:

We want to highlight some of the reasons why our advocates and supporters speak up for kids. These inspiring stories of impact remind us why we must continue to speak, act, vote, and give for North Carolina’s children.  

Why do you support NC Child?  

“NC Child plays a pivotal role in broadening discussions and elevating voices in support of the needs of our children statewide.  By creating space for the dialogue and bringing a research and fact-based approach to the discussion, NC Child lays the foundation for change statewide.”  Jill CoxNC Child Board Member

I give on behalf of NC’s kids because I’m one of them. Being born and raised in Eastern North Carolina, I’ve witnessed first-hand how policies can impact day to day life. Now, as a mom living in the Triangle, I want all children to have the opportunities to have their ideal life and realize all their goals.”  Kim GlennNC Child Board Member

NC Child is a vibrant, experienced, well respected research, advocacy, and action-oriented organization supporting communities and families, through their local, regional and state-level efforts. In Eastern NC, with four major hurricanes in recent years, and now the challenges of COVID, these needs are significantly increased, as are the inequities and impacts to our vulnerable and underserved families and communities.I am honored to be able to give a modest monthly donation to support NC Child and I encourage others to support their essential work. – Scott Bradley, monthly donor to NC Child

Thank you to Shawna, Jill, Kim and Scott for supporting NC Child and for all the ways that you speak up for kids and families in our state. 

As we move forward into 2021, we will be advocating for policies that will support our state’s equitable response to and recovery from COVID-19 and allow kids and families to thrive. Together, we have the power to change policymakers’ hearts and minds.

With your generosity and support, we can give every child in North Carolina the opportunity to thrive – whatever their race, ethnicity, or place of birth. Give to NC Child today – our children’s futures depend on you!