NC Child statement on Medicaid Expansion deal announced today by NC General Assembly 

By: Erica Palmer Smith | March 2023

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Statement from Erica Palmer Smith, Executive Director 

We are incredibly grateful to the state legislature for coming to an agreement on Medicaid Expansion. This is incredible news for North Carolina’s families. When this measure becomes final, over 100,000 parents and caregivers in our state will finally be able to get the health coverage they need to stay healthy and care for their children. 

Medicaid expansion will mean better health for North Carolina’s kids and their parents. When parents and caregivers have health coverage, children are more likely to be covered as well. Research has found that states that expanded Medicaid have significantly lower rates of uninsured children.  

In states that have already expanded Medicaid, there have been enormous benefits for children. That includes reduced rates of uninsured children, healthier pregnancies and births, and even reduced rates of child neglect. Expanding Medicaid will take enormous stress off so many of our families – both financial and health-related. 

Every parent and caregiver needs health coverage so they can be there for their children. The action announced today by North Carolina’s leaders will boost hardworking families, bring new health care resources to rural communities, and make our whole state healthier.