Early Childhood is Essential

North Carolina can’t go back to work without child care.

Access to strong early childhood programs is critical for child development, and for North Carolina’s working families – especially for essential personnel who are fighting the COVD-19 pandemic. 

Even before COVID-19 hit, many North Carolina communities faced a child care shortage. Almost half of all child care programs in the state are now closed. Extended closures will put many of them out of business permanently – making it incredibly hard for North Carolina’s families to go back to work when this crisis is over. New investments in our early childhood programs are critical for the future of our state.

Child care programs rely on tuition to operate, but most parents are home with their children during this crisis. Many of these small businesses will not survive the loss of their primary source of income, leaving parents without a place for their children when they need to go back to work.


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Together with partners, NC Child is part of several important initiatives promoting a strong early childhood system in North Carolina, including:

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