What’s Your Why?  

Three powerful advocates for children share why they support NC Child 

By: Fawn Pattison | December 2021

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It’s our WHY that gets us out of bed in the morning, keeps us grounded, and keeps us fighting for kids and families – even on days when it feels hopeless. As part of NC Child’s end-of-year campaign, we wanted to share personal stories from some of the child advocates who inspire us every day. 

Deborah Dicks Maxwell

Deborah Dicks Maxwell was recently elected as the first woman President of the North Carolina NAACP. She is an Army veteran, and a retired Public Health Social Worker. She’s also a member of NC Child’s Board of Directors. Mrs. Maxwell has a long track record of really listening to her community to understand what needs to be done. We asked her about some of the biggest challenges facing kids and families right now, what keeps her hopeful, and why she supports NC Child. 

Watch the full 10-minute interview with Mrs. Maxwell.  

Terry Van Duyn

Terry Van Duyn served four terms in the NC Senate representing Buncombe County, including as Minority Whip. She knows a lot about what it takes to make good policy for children & families in our state. Senator Van Duyn is also a mom of two, had a successful career in the tech world, and she serves on the Board of Directors at NC Child. We asked her about why she’s not jaded after a career in state politics, how we can all engage and be more effective, and why she supports NC Child.

Watch the full eight-minute interview with Senator Van Duyn. 

Tiffany Gladney

Tiffany Gladney is the Policy Director at NC Child. She joined the team in March 2021, but she’s been working on public policy issues that support children and families for years. She shared how personal tragedy shaped her passion for advocacy, what keeps her fighting even on the toughest days, and why she supports NC Child. 

Watch the full 11-minute interview with Tiffany Gladney. 

All three of these women inspire me to be hopeful about the future, and to keep on speaking up and taking action for kids. Their support makes NC Child more effective and more powerful – and so does yours. Thank you for your advocacy, and your support for children & families.