Press Release: Child Tax Credit Will Lift Over 140,000 NC Children out of Poverty

NC Child urges families to use new resources to ensure they will receive the expanded Child Tax Credit 

By: Vikki Crouse | June 2021

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(RALEIGH, NC) June 22, 2021 – The White House recently announced Child Tax Credit Awareness Day. The day, observed on Monday, June 21 is a critical aspect of the historic American Rescue Plan passed by Congress earlier this year 

Every family in the United States earning less than $150,000 annual income will realize a significant increase in the child tax credit – and will be receiving it as monthly checks, instead of as part of a one-time tax refund. The $300 per child payments, beginning as early as July 2021, will help struggling families regain some of the financial ground they lost during pandemic. One third of all adults with children reported that they were struggling to pay for food, rent, health care and transportation in 2021, in recent data reported by the US Census Bureau.  

Families with the lowest-income will benefit the most from the expanded Child Tax Credit. However, many will not receive the payments because they are not required to file annual tax forms. To get the Child Tax Credit payments, families who did not file taxes in 2020 must go to and complete the non-filer sign-up tool.  

“The expanded child tax credit will be game-changing for thousands of North Carolina children,” said Vikki Crouse, KIDS COUNT Project Director at NC Child. “The child tax credit will address long-standing racial and ethnic inequities. It will lift over 140,000 North Carolina children out of poverty, including more than six in ten Native American children, more than half of Black children and nearly half of Latino kids. We urge Congress to make this historic tax credit permanent for families.”  

Anyone needing help filing for the child tax credit may contact the United Way by dialing 211 or going to for assistance.  

About NC Child  

NC Child is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2014 working to eliminate the barriers that stand in kids’ way. Lasting change requires meaningful collaboration from a diverse group of individuals and organizations, especially those who are most directly impacted by policy solutions. We advance public policies to ensure that every child in North Carolina has the opportunity to thrive – whatever their race, ethnicity, or place of birth. 

About the American Rescue Plan 

The American Rescue Plan delivered major tax relief for working families with children through a historic expansion of the Child Tax Credit. In 2021, for most families, the Child Tax Credit is increased to $3,000 for each child between 6 and 17 years old and to $3,600 for each child under age 6. For example, a married couple making less than $150,000 with two children under age 6 will be eligible for a Child Tax Credit of $7,200 in 2021–at least $3,200 more than they would have received prior to the American Rescue Plan.