From Equity to Issue Campaigns: The Next Stop on the Road Map to Childhood Mental Health in North Carolina

June 2022

Strong mental health and resilience has its roots in early childhood. As the public conversation about mental health focuses on provider shortages and interventions for youth and adults, it’s important to recognize the foundational role that early life experiences play in setting up children for a lifetime of good health – both mental and physical.

The EarlyWell Initiative is dedicated to identifying and advocating for solutions that build a working system to support all children’s mental health and development, and allows them to thrive.

This report is designed to organize and categorize the problems and solutions identified by families and stakeholders over the last two years – building on our first report, Lean In and Listen Up to Family Voices: A New Report to Strengthen Early Childhood Services.

This report was produced by the EarlyWell Initiative, a joint project of NC Child and the NC Early Childhood Foundation.

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