Families Can’t Wait for Health Care

Since the pandemic began, hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians have lost their jobs – and their health insurance. It’s time for the state legislature to act.

Medicaid expansion is a cost-effective solution

North Carolina can take advantage of available federal funding right now to bring health care to half a million people. Since 2014, 37 other states have done this by expanding the Medicaid program – including our neighbors in Virginia. Not one state has reversed this decision.

Getting coverage to uninsured people saves states money. Research in Montana, Colorado, Michigan, Louisiana, and Virginia found that expanding Medicaid resulted in significant savings to those states’ general funds.

How You Can Help

Contact your state legislators

Ask them to support legislation to bring affordable health care to North Carolina’s hard-working families.

Join the Health Care Can’t Wait Action List

The best tool we have is our numbers, our voices, and our networks—relatives, friends, neighbors, coworkers. We’ll keep you posted on opportunities to make your voice heard.

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NC needs Medicaid expansion to recover from COVID-19

Now is the time to put pressure on our state legislators to act. Removing artificial barriers to health care is the right thing to do for all North Carolinians – now more than ever.

Join the Health Care Can’t Wait Action List to stay in the know about opportunities to make your voice heard.