Families Can’t Wait for Health Care

Since the pandemic began, more than 200,000 North Carolinians have lost their jobs – and many lost their health insurance as well. But you can help them get it back!

Families need health insurance now more than ever

The latest federal COVID-19 relief bill would provide even more funds for the state’s existing Medicaid program, which mostly covers children and disabled adults. Expanding Medicaid would bring affordable health coverage to at least 100,000 low-income parents with children at home.

Let’s Expand Medicaid so North Carolina can build back stronger! 

How You Can Help

Contact your state legislators

Ask them to support legislation to bring affordable health care to North Carolina’s hard-working families.

Join the Health Care Can’t Wait Action List

The best tool we have is our numbers, our voices, and our networks—relatives, friends, neighbors, coworkers. We’ll keep you posted on opportunities to make your voice heard.

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Stories from the “Coverage Gap” 

North Carolinians share their experiences of life without health coverage, in their own words.

Randy and Steve
Watch Their Story
Read Her Story

The time to act is NOW

North Carolina’s leaders have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring affordable health coverage to our state so we can build back stronger from COVID-19. States are making changes to Medicaid to protect their residents from COVID-19. North Carolina can, too.

Most states have already taken this step. 38 other states have taken the federal funding to expand Medicaid. They are experiencing better health outcomes and positive fiscal impact. Not one state has reversed this decision since 2010.

Health care providers are calling for Medicaid expansion to fight COVID-19. Expanding Medicaid would bring in much more funding for rural hospitals. Since 2010, seven rural hospitals have closed in North Carolina. We cannot afford to lose any more health care capacity.

Affordable health coverage helps small businesses. Many small businesses can’t afford to offer health coverage to employees – even in the best of times. Expanding Medicaid can build a healthier workforce for businesses like restaurants, tourism, and child care, hit hardest by COVID-19.

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