Taking on the Big Challenges: Our Top Five Blogs of 2021

Health care, economic security, and COVID safety were top of mind for NC Child’s network this year.

By: Claire Hermann | December 2021

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A look at our most popular blog posts shows that our community of advocates was eager to engage with the big challenges facing kids during this tough year. In 2021, our most-read stories were about the importance of health care access for kids and families, lifting children out of poverty, and ensuring a safe school environment amid the pandemic.  

Here are our top blog posts from 2021, as chosen by you.  

  1. Our goal is health care for every child, parent and caregiver in North Carolina. By far the most popular post from NC Child this year was about the many advantages of expanding Medicaid – something North Carolina legislators didn’t do in 2021. We aren’t giving up, and neither are the dedicated parents and caregivers around the state who have been speaking up on this issue. Keep sharing this post! Its message is just as important as ever. >> Read more. 
  2. Child tax credit will lift over 140,000 NC children out of poverty Summer brought the beginning of federal Child Tax Credit payments, a chance for many North Carolina families to pay for food, clothing, and other necessities in a difficult year. NC Child urged parents to learn how to apply and help make sure every eligible family got their payments. >> Read more. 
  3. When the caregivers can’t get care Often, parents and caregivers with kids with special medical needs have trouble accessing health care for themselves. With the help of three caregivers who shared their story, NC Child released findings from a survey of parents and explored how Medicaid expansion could improve health outcomes and increase economic security for these families. >> Read more. 
  4. NC Child calls for statewide school mask mandate to support safe in-person learning as school resumes. As kids went back to school, mask mandates and other measures to keep kids safe were at the top of people’s minds. NC Child called for a statewide school mask mandate and developed tools to help parents advocate to their local school boards for strong mask policies and other COVID safety measures. >> Read more. 
  5. Don’t let families miss out on the Child Tax Credit. As families across the state began receiving the Child Tax Credit, NC Child and our partners released information to help the lowest income families sign up for their fair share before the deadline. The Build Back Better Act, which has passed the US House but not the Senate, would extend the Child Tax Credit for another year, so bookmark these tools! >> Read more. 

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